Fot. Alina Szamruchiewicz

Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia, located in south-eastern part of the country, on the Daugava River. The city, with its interesting architecture and many sacred buildings of various denominations, attracts many tourists.

Daugavpilswas founded in the 13th century and, from the 16th century, was within the borders of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as the capital of the Polish Livonia. After the first partition of Poland Daugavpils was incorporated into the Russian state; it was liberated by the Polish troops in 1920 and transferred to independent Latvia. Latvians account for about 20 percent of Daugavpils’ population at present. Russians constitute the largest nationality group, while the number of Poles is put at some 15 percent. The city is the strongest Polish centre in Latvia. There are many Polish organizations operating in the city, and the Polish community is highly integrated. Local residents of Polish origin have maintained their national identity, can speak Polish, and cultivate the Polish national and religious traditions.

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