Fot. Jakub Gałęziowski

Logishin (Polish: Łohiszyn) is located 20 kilometres away from Pinsk in the historic Polesia. At present, it is situated in Belarus in the Pinsk Raion, Brest Oblast. During the times of the Second Polish Republic it used to be a town but now it looks more like a village. There are still many Poles living in Logishin who gather chiefly around the Roman Catholic Church. At present, the town’s population is slightly over 2,500, but a hundred years ago it was 4,000.

Still in the 19th century Roman Catholics were prevailing in the town, but many Jews also lived there. The town charter was granted to Logishin by King Ladislaus IV in 1643. During the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania the town belonged to great princely families: the Radziwiłłs, Ogińskis, and then Drucki-Lubeckis. In the 17th century, Albrecht Stanisław Radziwiłł, the then Starost of Pinsk, funded a Roman-Catholic Church in the town. In 1919, Logishin was a Polish-Bolshevik battlefield as it was the place of General Antoni Listowski’s offensive aimed at capturing Luninets. In April 1919, Logishin was taken without much struggle by the Second Battalion of the 34th Infantry Regiment. That Regiment launched a decisive successful attack on Luninets exactly from Logishin. In the Second Polish Republic Logishin lost its town charter (in April 1934). Like the entire eastern part of the Second Polish Republic it also fell victim to the Soviet aggression on 17 September 1939. The Germans entered the town in 1941. In 1944, the town was recaptured by the Soviets and incorporated into the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. Since 1991 Logishin has been part of independent Belarus. Many Poles are still living in the town. The life of the Polish community in Logishin is centred around the Roman-Catholic Church where masses are said in Polish. In the local church there is the icon of Blessed Virgin Mary famous for its graces, which attracts numerous pilgrimages, chiefly Polish. Poles living in Logishin are in permanent contact with Polish organizations in Pinsk, mainly the local branch of the Polish Educational Society.

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