Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Bogusława Bryła-Czerna
Born in Lvov on 22 September 1922 (nee Bryła). Her father was a municipal clerk and piano teacher at a music school. Bogusława Bryła-Czerna attended the Konarski Primary School and, then, the Queen Jadwiga Secondary School. In 1939, her father was arrested by the NKVD. In the 1990s, his name was found on the list of people murdered by the NKVD. In April 1940, Bogusława Bryła-Czerna was deported to Kazakhstan together with her mother and sister. She worked at the kolkhoz in the village of Borodulicha in the Semipalatinsk Oblast, then as a waitress at a company canteen and also as a secretary at school. At the end of the war she was a nurse at a military hospital, where she met her husband, a Red Army officer. She went with him to Kherson in southern Ukraine. In 1954, she came back to Lvov where she worked as a nurse at the clinic in Fredry Street. She is active in the Polish community; she has co-organized and runs the University of the Third Age for Poles living in Lvov.