Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Eugeniusz Cydzik
Eugeniusz Cydzik was born at Misiewicze near Grodno on 26 December 1921. Before the war he joined the scouts and completed a full course of military training. On 1 September 1939, he volunteered to the army and was admitted to auxiliary services in Grodno. After 17 September 1939 he took an active part in the defence of that city. After the entry of Soviet troops he was in hiding in a village near Warsaw; he returned to Grodno in 1941. On 2 February 1942, he took an oath and joined the Union of Armed Struggle. He served in the Information and Propaganda Office (BIP), then in the Directorate of Sabotage and Diversion (Kedyw): first he gathered arms, issued faked documents, then he was engaged in reconnaissance, took part in armed operations. He fought in guerrilla units in the Nemen Group. On 3 August 1945 he was arrested and sentenced by the War Tribunal to 15 years of penal servitude and five years of disenfranchisement. He stayed at prison in Grodno, then in Moscow (Butyrka prison). He served his sentence in Vorkuta, where he first worked at earthworks in tundra, then at a coalmine, and finally as an electrician at a soviet forced-labour camp for political prisoners. He met and married Czesława Hnatów there. He was released in 1956 and worked as a free worker for another year until 1957; then, he returned to Lvov together with his wife.