Józefa Goroszewicz
Józefa Goroszewicz. Born 19 March 1929 in the village of Brecianka near Nowogródek (now Navahrudak). She had nine brothers and sisters. Józefa Goroszewicz’s father was a blacksmith who ran his blacksmith’s shop with a few journeymen. In Brecianka Józefa Goroszewicz completed three forms of a Polish primary school and attended the fourth form in Horodeczna near Nowogródek where the whole family moved in 1938. She continued her education during World War II in Nowogródek, where she first attended a Soviet school, then a German school, and, then, after 1944, a Soviet school again. She graduated from a two-year medical college and started to work at a hospital in Nesvizh, where she met her future husband. At present, she lives in Nesvizh.