Antoni Aleksandrowicz
Antoni Aleksandrowicz was born in 1928 in Ostrowiszki, 15 km away from Widze, in the Brasław District, to the family of Stefania and Walerian Aleksandrowicz. He had three brothers and three sisters. Until 1938 they had their own 10-hectare farm where they raised cows and horses, but then they were moved to a "colony". They used to make their living on farming. During the German occupation between 1942 and 1944 Antoni Aleksandrowicz was a member of one of three Home Army units operating in the district. After the Soviets had entered Poland he was in hiding in the nearby forests for another five years together with other guerrillas who had not been deported to Siberia. He returned home only in 1949. Less than two years later he was arrested and spent a few months in prison in Braslaw, Polotsk and Mogilev; then was sent to exile deep into Russia (Irkutsk Oblast, Tayshet Rayon). He spent six and a half years there. Upon his return from exile he settled in Ostrovishki (working at the kolkhoz). Then, he moved to Dyneburg.