Włodzimierz Cependa
Born on 19 September 1924 in Dzhuryn near Chortkiv. His father was a railwayman, his mother took care of the house; his parents also had a small farm. Włodzimierz Cependa spent his childhood in the countryside, he helped his parents on the land. In Dzhuryn he completed a Polish primary school. He continued education at the secondary school in Chortkiv for two years. During the German occupation he went to a technical college but he was called up to the army in w 1944 and taken to Tashkent together with the army. He took part in the fighting on the Odra and Łaba rivers. After the war he was sent deep into the Soviet Union for a year. After his return he worked at a tailor’s factory. He lives in Chortkiv now.