Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Halina Wiśniewska
Born in Kamianets-Podilskyi in 1923. Her parents decided to stay in the Soviet Ukraine in 1920. By the outbreak of the German-Russian war in 1941 her family changed their place of residence several times. Halina Wiśniewska started learning at a Polish school in the village of Satanów (Ukrainian: Sataniv) near the Zbruch River on the Soviet-Polish border. After the liquidation of the school by the Soviet authorities she attended an Ukrainian school, and then a Russian school in Wiśnioczek (Visnochek) near Smotrycz (Smotrich). After leaving school she made an attempt to be admitted to the school of painting in Odessa but she failed the exam on the Russian constitution. Helena Wiśniewska spent World War II and the German occupation in Kamianets. Between 1947 and 1955 she lived in Buchach together with her family. All her life she made her living on painting. She now lives in her hometown of Kamianets.