Leopold Kałakajło
Born in Storozhynets (the then Romania) on 11 November 1918. By the outbreak of World War II he passed his secondary-school leaving examinations. In 1939, he was called up into the Romanian Army. He served in the staff of the 48th Division on the Romanian-Hungarian border. After the outbreak of the German-Soviet War he took part in military actions on the southern front as a sapper. Following the capitulation of Romania in 1944 he returned to Storozhynets. After the incorporation of northern Bukovina to the USSR he settled in Chernivtsi where he took a job at the municipal office. In 1946, he did not join the transport of Polish repatriates going to the Regained Territories. In 1989, he set up the Adam Mickiewicz Polish Society in Chernivtsi together with a group of Poles.