Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Leon Świrski
Born in Chortkiv in 1927. His father was a miller who built his mill on a piece of land received from a landowner in return for his help in the rebuilding after the ravages of war in 918; he was also a village leader. Leon Świrski attended a Polish primary school in Chortkiv before World War II. During the war one of his brothers was killed in the September Campaign, another one was shot dead by a Soviet officer, the third one was murdered by Ukrainians. The Ukrainians also killed Leon Świrski’s sister whose son took part in an anti-Soviet uprising in Chortkiv. Leon Świrski’s father and mother died in 1945 and 1946, respectively. After the war Leon Świrski served in the Soviet Army; he fought in the units involved in fighting the Ukrainian armed underground. He worked as a miller. Now, he is retired and lives in Chortkiv.