Tamara Antonowicz
Born in Lutsk on 11 October 1933. Soon after her birth her family moved to Rivne. Before World War II Tamara Antonowicz finished one form of a Polish primary school. Her father, who worked as a shoemaker, was conscripted into the Polish Army in 1944; he reached Berlin together with his unit and after 1945 remained in Poland, settling in Świebodzice. He tried to bring his entire family to Poland, but only two Tamara Antonowicz’s brothers managed to come in 1946. Tamara Antonowicz finished an agricultural college in Rivne, then she graduated from the Lomonosov Odessa Institute of Technology, where she obtained the title of economic engineer. She worked as an economist, senior economist, department head and assistant manager at the power plant in Rivne. She was a party member, and, at a time, was the party secretary at her plant. Before retiring she was promoted to deputy manager of the power plant. She visited Poland several times after the war. She saw her father for the first time after the war in 1953; later she also visited her brothers. For her entire life she was attached to the Roman Catholic faith and the Church. She now lives in Rivne.