fot. Maciej Boral
Marcelina Baszyńska
Born in the village of Huta Justynovka (Polish Autonomous District with its capital in Marchlewsk, Ukrainian SSR) on 27 May 1924. In 1930, her father refused to join the kolkhoz and ran away with his entire family to Zhytomyr. After a year Marcelina Baszyńska’s father died and her mother was forced to give her children to an orphanage. From the orphanage Marcelina Baszyńska was taken by her aunt who lived in the countryside in the village of Novyy Zavod. After a few years the family managed to reunite and moved to Zhytomyr again. In Zhytomyr Marcelina Baszyńska finished an evening primary school, and then a business college. In Zhytomyr she lived through the German occupation; she ran several times away from transports to labour in Germany. After the occupation of the town by the Red Army in 1944 Marcelina Baszyńska worked at a front hospital. In 1946, she married and moved to the countryside, where her husband got a job as a teacher. She had worked as a shop assistant and manager until she retired. She has been living in Zhytomyr since 1971.