Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Gertruda Cyganiuk
Born in Chernivtsi in the then Romania on 7 November 1934 (nee Siemionowicz). Her mother was Polish, her father was Romanian. Polish was always spoken at home. Gertruda Cyganiuk spent all her life in her hometown. Her family did not go to Poland, because her grandmother did not want to leave Chernivtsi. By 1945 Gertruda Cyganiuk attended a Romanian school; upon the Soviets’ entry into Chernivtsi she continued her education at a Polish school opened by the new authorities. She stopped learning upon liquidation of the Polish school. After leaving school she learned to be a dressmaker and worked as a dressmaker until she retired. Both at the Soviet times and after 1991 she was very much involved in the religious life of the local Roman-Catholic community. She lives in Chernivtsi.