Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Wanda Czajkowska
Born in Lutsk on 7 January 1926. Her father was Polish but he came to Lutsk from Khabarovsk, her mother was born and spent all her life in Lutsk. Her father worked at the concrete factory in Lutsk, her mother was a housewife and dressmaker. Before World War II Wanda Czajkowska completed Primary School No. 3 in Lutsk, which was located in the Lubart Castle. After the outbreak of the Soviet-German War and the entry of the Nazi into Lutsk she was detained during a round-up at a cinema and deported to Germany as a forced labourer. Before reaching her destination she spent six months at the concentration camp in Dachau waiting for further transport. She finally arrived in Munich where she worked at a restaurant until its liberation by the Americans. After the war Wanda Czajkowska returned to Poland and started working at a factory in Łódź. In 1947, she decided to come back to Lutsk, where her family still lived. She started working at a shoe factory, but the authorities forced her – in connection with her work in Germany – to go for eight months to Voroshylovsk where she ended up at a kerb factory. In 1948, she came again to Lutsk where she took up a job at the same shoe factory. She worked at that factory for a total of 38 years. Now she lives at her family house in Lutsk and takes an active part in the life of the Polish community in Lutsk.