Helena Dziewguć
Born in Moździewicze near Pastavy (Vilnius voivodship in the Second Polish Republic) on 28 February 1933. Her parents: Antoni Dziewguć and Leonarda, nee Lenis, had a five-hectare farm, but farmed 15 hectares of land together with her father’s mother and brother. After the outbreak of World War II Helena Dziewguć learnt at a Soviet school in Jeżewo. She learnt Polish at home. Her parents had to give their land away and start working at the kolkhoz. Helena Dziewguć also worked at the kolkhoz after she had finished four forms. After 1991, she was active in the Union of Poles in Pastavy. She came to Poland three times to visit her family. She still lives in Pastavy.