Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Longina Sikirnicka
Born in Łódź on 1 April 1926. She competed the Emilia Plater Primary School in Łódź. In September 1939 she was to start learning at the Emilia Szczaniecka Secondary School. After the outbreak of World War II she took private lessons and, at the same time, worked at the accounting department of a printing house. She lived in Łódź together with her parents by 1945. After the end of the war the family was deported to the East. First they arrived in Saratov but finally settled in Lvov. Longina Sikirnicka first learned at Polish Secondary School No. 2 and from the tenth form at Polish Secondary School No. 30. She passed her school-leaving exams with a distinction. She graduated from medical studies, specializing in treating tuberculosis. After her studies she worked for a year and a half at a hospital for war veterans and invalids suffering from tuberculosis. Then, she was employed at a psychiatric hospital in Lvov, where she worked by 1981. In 1964, she went for the first time on a visit to her family in Poland together with her mother. Longina Sikirnicka’s mother died in 1965, her father in 1981. Longina Sikirnicka lives in Lvov.