Wanda Swarcewicz
Born in Dokshytsy, a small town right next to the Polish-Soviet border, on 28 February 1927. Wanda Swarcewicz’s mother came from Dokshytsy, her father, Paweł Swarcewicz, was born in the village of Kisiewo. Wanda Swarcewicz, apart from the stepbrother from his father’s first marriage, also had a brother and sister. In the 1920s, Paweł Swarcewicz emigrated to the United States to work. After his return to Poland he worked on a farm and took up carpentry. He also ran a horse thresher. Wanda Swarcewicz completed five forms of a primary school before World War II. She lived through the war in Dokshytsy, where she witnessed the liquidation of the local ghetto. After the war she attended evening classes and worked in the forest by 1951, calculating the cubage of cut-down trees. Then, she worked at the local tailor’s cooperative, where she sewed tablecloth, and finally took up a job of cleaner and receptionist at the hotel in Dokshytsy. After the war Wanda Swarcewicz was in Poland three times. She was active in the life of the local church, which she helped rebuild. She lives in Dokshytsy.