Filomena Domańska
Born in the Polish village of Siekiernica (Ukrainian SSR, Khmelnytskyi Oblast) in May 1922. Her parents were born to poor Polish peasant families. They had ten children, out of whom only five survived. At the age of nine Filomena Domańska went to school but had to discontinue learning a year later and leave her family home to look after the children of her older sister who lived with her husband in another village. When the Stalinist reprisals against Poles started Filomena Domańska’s parents were forced to leave their home and went into hiding. Her sister’s family, with whom she stayed, was forcibly resettled into Kazakhstan in 1936. They got to Chkalovsk Region to hamlet No. 7 (later Konstantinowka). Since then Filomena Domańska worked at a kolkhoz. She married a Pole who was deported to Kazakhstan with the same transport. She now lives in Rivne.