Franciszek Alksinin
Born in the village of Puzyry (now in Belarus) in 1936. His mother died at the beginning of World War II , his father remarried and moved to his second wife who did not want to take care of his children. Franciszek Alksinin together with his seven orphaned siblings was brought up by his oldest sister. He spent World War II in Puzyry. After the war he finished the primary school and started to work at the kolkhoz which was set up in Braslaw in 1949. When he was 16 he left for his apprenticeship as a plasterer and started working in Leningrad. From Leningrad he went to work in Siberia. He returned from Siberia to Braslaw where he married, got a job in the Forestry Commission and spent more than 50 years. He lives in Braslaw.