Teresa Bilewicz
Born in the town of Sapotskin (Polish: Sopoćkinie) in the Lida district in 1936 as the youngest of five siblings. During the war operations in 1939 Teresa Bilewicz’s family house was burnt, and then – partly reconstructed – was burnt again in 1941. During the Soviet occupation, and then the German occupation, her parents had their own farm. After World War II Teresa Bilewicz’s family did not repatriate to Poland. Her father refused to incorporate his farm to the kolkhoz, which resulted in the confiscation of a large part of their property and imposition of high taxes on their farm. In spite of the pressure Teresa Bilewicz did not join the Komsomol. After leaving the primary school in 1956 she worked as a clerk in the local kolkhoz. In 1963, she moved to Hrodna, where she finished a technical college and got a job as a factory accountant. Now she is retired. She lives in Hrodna.