Helena Filipionek
Born in Ostrówka near Daugavpils on 16 May 1914. Her parents, Genowefa and Adolf, leased a farm with an area of three hectares. When Helena Filipionek was seven she went down with bone tuberculosis which led her to permanent disability. She finished the Polish primary school and the secondary school in Daugavpils. She joined the scouts at the primary school. She worked as a teacher of Russian and math at a rural primary school and then in Daugavpils. After she had been dismissed from the school by Soviet authorities she taught children free of charge at her own home. She joined the Home Army during the German occupation. She kept and delivered parcels with explosives from airdrops. From 1947 until her retirement she worked at a chemist’s. She was decorated several time, e.g., with the Home Army Cross. She lives in Daugavpils.