Anna Hryńczuk
Born in Nova Zhadova (Polish: Nowa Żadowa) in the Chernivtsy Oblast of the Ukrainian SSR in 1946. For the first seven years of her life she was raised by her grandmother in Nova Zhadova. Upon reaching the school age Anna Hryńczuk moved to the neighbouring village where she stayed together with her mother with the Ukrainian family of her stepfather. After the primary school she started learning at the forest technical college in Storozhynets. Between 1964 and 1967 she worked at the kolkhoz. She took advantage of the possibility to leave the countryside and left for Chernivtsy under the pretext of continuing education at Kamianets Podilskyi. Her uncle helped her to get a job of a foreman at the rubber footwear factory. In Chernivtsy she completed a massage course and took up a job as a massage therapist. She lives in Chernivtsy, where she takes an active part in the work of the Adam Mickiewicz Polish Society.