Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Włodzimierz Maniowski
Born in the village of Perechody (Czarny Las) near Chortkiv on 8 March 1928. His father was Ukrainian, his mother, who died under the German occupation, was a Pole. His family ran their own farm with an area of 24 ha before World War II. Włodzimierz first learned at a primary school in Wygnanka near Chortkiv, and during the German occupation at a primary school in Chortkiv. After the entry of the Red Army to Chortkiv in 1944, Włodzimierz Maniowski’s father and older brother joined that army. After the war Włodzimierz Maniowski worked at a kolkhoz at a security unit, he also fought against the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). Later, he got a job at a state-owned enterprise as a lorry driver. For 12 years he worked in difficult conditions delivering tar, or clearing snow in winter. After 38 years he retired. He lives in Chortkiv till the present day.