Fot. Dominik Czapigo
Krystyna Angielska
Born in Lvov on 10 January in 1934. Her father was a judge. During the Soviet occupation her mother was deported deep into Russia together with some family members and stayed at Soviet forced-labour camps behind the Urals by 1948. Her father looked after the children. Waiting for the return of her mother the family did not leave the country after the war and did not get a permit to go during the second round of repatriations. During the German occupation Krystyna Angielska started learning at a German primary school, and then she finished a Polish school. She studied at the Technical University, first chemistry and then architecture, in which she graduated in 1957. She worked at a design office in Lvov. She published slim volumes of poetry and translations of Ukrainian literature into Polish. She is active at the Polish Society.