The Collectivization and Stalinist Repressions in the USSR in the 1930s.
(Korostova, the 1930s). How I hate these Communists – God forgive me! They made my life a misery already in my youth, my childhood, because I was watching how they were impoverishing my parents. Not that they would beat or punish, but taking everything away: Give, give, give! Not that it was some decent mattress, only the straw covered by a home made cover; they took it away, too, because they needed a tax. What tax, when nobody was working for money?! Dad was working at the kolkhoz, he took some groats or something else in advance there, and when at the end of the year the settlement came, he was told: You have already taken, there is nothing more for you to take. And that’s it.
Anna Hryciw